ODEM.IO is developing a first-of-its-kind global, decentralized education marketplace to deliver complete, end-to-end, custom, in-person education programs and experiences. On-Demand Education Marketplace will be powered by programs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence enables an interactive education market that can aggregate student demand for specific program subjects, market educators’ offerings, safely make conditional precommitments, as well as handle payments and disbursements when service criteria are met. These network efficiencies drive down the cost of education while adding a new level of automation and transparency to program creation.

With the ODEM platform, students may choose classes and store their transaction history on the blockchain. This format enables students to maintain a single record of their academic experiences and certification, regardless of locale or educator. In addition to ODEM’s use of blockchain, the platform also allows for off-chain actions such as adding or searching for specific classes.

The ODEM Token, the platform’s currency, is unique. It acts as a software license, enabling students and academics immediate access to the platform. Tokens may be temporarily escrowed to gain discounts against fees and to prove membership within the community.